Yearly RO service

Yearly RO service done.

The Yearly RO service.

  • Your RO System must be service and you don’t know how to contact.
  • You are at the right place.
  • We do yearly RO services in the Gauteng region.

Why must I do the yearly RO system service?

  • It is not about the service.
  • It is about the quality of the tap water that you drink.
  • The filters must be replaced and the RO system checked for any faulty part.
  • One small faulty part can waste thousands of liters of water per year.
  • Not to talk about the fact that it could let the dirty water still pass into the water tank of your RO system.
  • Yes about 30% of our new clients that we get that have existing RO systems, systems is faulty.
  • Their so-called purified water is not purified at all.
  • Just because of a faulty part.

What Yearly RO service option do I have?

  • There are hundreds of people that say that they know the RO system and would service it for you.
  • They go and buy the cheap filters at the local hardware store.
  • We do not use or recommend the use of that type of RO system filters.
  • They not effective at all.
  • Using that type of filters is a waste of money.

We use the “Bio Carbon Filter”.

  • Why we use the “Bio Carbon Filter”.
  • It is effective and removes most of the chemicals from the water source.
  • It also removes any solids from the water source as the water flow through the filter medium.

The use of the “Pleated” RO filter.

  • We also use the “Pleated” filters for the removal of any solids from the water.
  • The filters before the membrane must be of high quality to protect the membrane.
  • The membrane must do the work it is designed for. That it is why we focus on the pre- filters.

Cost of our Yearly RO system service.

  • The cost to do the yearly RO service is R 650.00.
  • It takes anything from an hour to two hours.


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