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We want interaction with our clients and this blog is the place where you can ask questions regarding ro system services.

The RO System Service Blog is the page where we as the RO System specialists convey information regarding important issues about domestic reverse osmosis systems. Any question that you want to know about the pros and cons of the reverse osmosis system. Feel free to leave a message at the bottom of any page and we will discuss it. We know the domestic reverse osmosis system. That is why we can do the statement that we are the Domestic RO System professionals in South Africa. Where did you hear about a reverse osmosis supplier that can give their clients a three (3) year warranty? Yes, we do that. We are more than ten years in the industry and over the period did tests on every system, part and product that is on the market. There are hundreds of fake useless products at present on the market. Salespeople will tell you everything they know you want to hear. What happened next? You believe the story and you buy the product and tell your friends the story the sales person told you. That lie becomes the truth for you. For the sales person, more sales and commission and just another customer that believed their story.

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Before you buy any reverse osmosis system or product feel free to contact us. You ask us the question you have and we will give you an honest answer. Even if you don’t buy from us. What matters is that you have the right information regarding your question. An informed client is better than an uninformed client. Never let a sales person rob you from your hard earned money. Your money and health is on the line when it comes to water purifying systems.

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