RO System Services

RO System Services explained.

What is RO System Services all about?RO System Services

  • RO System Services is very important.
  • You think of the person who comes once a year to replace say three or four water filters.
  • They are in and out within 20 minutes.
  • Ask let’s say R 700 for the service.
  • You feel that the money that you paid them is not worth the time they have spent to service your RO System.
  • R 700 for 20 minutes of work, and just replacing the four filters.
  • That must be a rip off.
  • Do you really think that the service was a good deal?
  • Our answer is a big NO!
  • You were just been ripped off.
  • That is a fact.
  • What did they do during the 20 minutes when they serviced the reverse osmosis system?
  • Just, took out the reverse osmosis system from under the cupboard.
  • Unscrew the filter housings and take the old dirty filters out.
  • Then put the new reverse osmosis filters in place and screw back the filter housings.
  • See that it is tightened.

What our RO System service involves:

  • A reverse osmosis system that we service could take any part from an hour to two hours.
  • Yes that is correct.
  • Now you will ask.
  • What do you do during that time?
  • Is it possible to spend that amount of time servicing the reverse osmosis system?
  • Yes!
  • A RO System service is not the replacement of the water filters.
  • That is about 10% of the service.
  • There are some other important things that must be done during the service. We do six tests that we do to ensure that your reverse osmosis system functioning correct.
  • We do not look to the service of a means to make money as fast as possible.
  • No!
  • We look to the reverse osmosis system as a very important device that is involved with your health.
  • Yes we take the health of our clients seriously.

Facts about reverse osmosis system services been done:

36% Unhealthy RO Systems.

  • We have gathered the following information.
  • About 36% of reverse osmosis systems out there have parasites and chemicals in the purified reverse osmosis water tank.
  • Yes about 36 % of the people with RO Systems drink the same quality water as the people who do not have a water purifying system.

80% Water Wastage

  • The way the RO Systems been installed make it nearly impossible to know if the system waste excessive water or not.
  • The systems waste pipeline is inserted just after the waste water pipes u bend.
  • That way you will not hear if the RO System waste water or not.
  • The water in the u bend prevents the water wastage noise.
  • A RO System that is faulty system or incorrect installation can easily waste 131,400 liters water down the drain during one year.
  • You wouldn’t even know it.

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