Reverse Osmosis Services

Reverse Osmosis Services of high quality.Reverse Osmosis Services

We are the Suppliers of the bio activated carbon filters for the yearly Reverse Osmosis services.

Reverse Osmosis Services

Reverse Osmosis Services

Top Pleated Filter.

  • This pleated filter was in a reverse osmosis system for a year with two Bio Activated carbon filters before it.
  • That is the purifying results of the Bio Activated Carbon Filters.

Bottom Pleated Filter.

  • This Pleated Filter was also in a reverse osmosis system for a year with an activated carbon block filter and a granular activated carbon filter before the pleated filter.
  • You can notice the poor filtration quality of the two activated carbon filters.
  • Which filters do you want in your reverse osmosis system?
  • Take us to the test.

Yearly Reverse Osmosis Services.

  • The yearly Reverse Osmosis Services is very important.
  • We find clients that used to buy their own Reverse Osmosis filters from the local hardware or irrigation store and do the service themselves.
  • They were told by the sales person at the store that the filters are the best that the clients would get.
  • They are honest people and believe that other people would be honest as well.
  • The problem the sales person work on commission and the more products they sell the more salary they get.
  • That sales person have never installed or serviced a reverse osmosis system in their live.
  • You replace your filters to and think that the reverse osmosis system is working fine.
  • Was it? It is not about the replacement of the Reverse Osmosis filters.
  • The location of the different types of filters doesn’t even matter.
  • The reason is that the filters that you replaced is not effective and a waste of money.
  • See our Bio activated carbon Filters.

What to look for during the yearly Reverse Osmosis services.

  • First you must inspect the flow rate of the membrane.
  • You don’t know how to do that test.
  • Second you must test the tanks pressure.
  • You don’t know the correct way to test the tank pressure.
  • What is the correct pressure for the inlet pressure?
  • You must flush the membrane.
  • No I don’t know how to do that. What is the membrane flow rate?
  • What is the waste flow rate?
  • What is the inlet water pressure?
  • What is the COP?
  • This is just a few things that we test when we do the yearly Reverse Osmosis Services.
  • That is why it takes us from an hour to two hours.

Dangers of neglect the yearly Reverse Osmosis Services.

  • The Reverse Osmosis System plays a very important function by purifying your drinking water.
  • This is why you can’t afford to use low grade or quality products in your reverse osmosis system.
  • Not to talk about the mineral replacement filters that is the biggest fraudulent product on the market.
  • Please stay away from the filters. If you have any questions about it contact me or visit
  • If you are serious about the water that you drink contact us to do the Reverse Osmosis services on your system.
  • Just to get peace of mind.
  • If you are far from Gauteng get a few friends and make it worth the travel.
  • Please do not play with your health!

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